Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Music + Video: I Luv You Lord – Peace Ige

Peace Ige masterfully raises the bar in her new afro-dynamic sing-along get-on-your-feet-and-dance gospel groove.

The gospel singer behind the soul-lifting songs ‘Our God is able’ and ‘Know You More’ drops her new single, ‘I Luv You Lord.

At first, the unsuspicious soft title “I Luv Your Lord” might impress upon the mind nothing more than yet another two-verses-one-bridge Sunday worship.

Until you press play!
Suddenly, you catch in on what exactly is going on;a ‘bed-room’ conversation between Peace Ige and the Love of her life, or shall we say, the ‘Lord of her life’?

By the time you are aware of what’s going on, it would be too late to disengage, you’d suddenly have to join in this intimate love-drunk praise.
In ‘I Luv You Lord’, Peace Ige reintroduces Jesus to us, from some distant Lord floating in the heavens to a Lover standing right next to us…approachable, touchable, lovable.

Filled with rich instrumentation’s; from the afro-centric brass to the interlude-perfect Gangan (Talking Drum) beats, “I Luv You Lord” is a song that summons every worshipper to lavish the most intimate words and praises upon the one who himself is Love.

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