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Goodnews Bible Church

Monday 20 July 2020
GoodNews Bible Church, London
Apostle George Amandi

SCRIPTURE: Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The limit of your faith determines the limit of your change.
Faith is a supernatural force by which supernatural changes are effected. If you desire change in any realm of your life, the force that is needed to effect that change is faith. 

The woman with the issue of blood needed a change in her body, and she pressed through the crowd by faith saying that if she touched the hem of Jesus garment, she would be made whole. And by that force of faith, the change happened (Mark 5:28-29).

Now, beloved, take note of the following:
i. The limit of your faith determines the limit of your change. If you need your life to change to a higher level, you need a higher dimension of faith. 
ii. The limit of your faith is the limit of your progress. If you want to see progress in the area of power with God, for example, you need more revelation, faith and action in that area. If you need a change in the realm of finance, you need greater faith in that realm. And to increase your faith you must increase your Word revelation and accept your responsibility in the Word by putting the Word to practice.

I see great and positive changes coming your way today, in Jesus Name.
Remember this: The limit of your faith determines the limit of your change.

1. Decide to leave where you are to where you are meant to be.
2. List out areas in your life where you need change and grow your faith in those areas by Word revelation.

PRAYER: Lord, I receive the grace to connect with the revelation in Your Word for the growth of my faith. And by the power of faith, I move to another level in life and destiny, Lord in Jesus Name.

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