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Goodnews Bible Church

Saturday 11th July 2020.

SCRIPTURE: Where the word of a king is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou? Ecclesiastes 8:4
It has been established that the Word of God guarantees the release of the blessing of God on His people. Anyone who is Word-loaded is blessing-loaded.

Previously, we saw a few ways in which the Word of God can connect man with the blessing, and today, we will look at the fact that the Word of God imparts the unction for success and progress.

The Word of God is pregnant with power (Ecclesiastes 8:4, Hebrews 4:12), and the purpose of that power is the enforcement of change; it is for the generation of success (Joshua 1:8). So, to be loaded with the Word is to have good success
Anyone in touch with the Word is in touch with power; and power guarantees change; it guarantees success and progress
When Joseph encountered the Word, he stepped up with the blessing (Psalm 105:17-22).

The Word of God is the custodian of the blessing; it can turn a desert into a forest. Barrenness can turn into fruitfulness; empty-handedness can turn into heavy-loadedness by just one Word from God. All you need is a Word revelation and you will have a blessing revolution.
Now, how does the power in God’s Word bring success or blessing?

1. The power in the Word of God dismantles yokes, limitations, embargoes, spells or curses.
2. The power in the Word rearranges situations and circumstances to bring about Divine agenda; it orchestrates relevant people in your direction if they are to be divinely instrumental to your blessing.
Remember this: To be loaded with Word is to have good success.

1. Locate yoke-breaking scriptures and stand on them for the breaking of every yoke around your life.
2. Let the Word of God enter your spirit every day,”and trust God to rearrange situations in your favour.

PRAYER: Lord, thank You for Your Word. Cause every limitation or yoke around my life to be broken by the power of Your Word, Lord in Jesus Name. 

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