Monday, July 22, 2024
Gospel Music

Music: Wande – Winning

New year, new flows: Wande’s back with a fresh new single, “Winning,” after becoming a viral sensation with her “Hallelujah Roll Call” videos that show you can be unapologetically Christian, Black, and woman all at the same time. The Nigerian-born hip-hop artist highlights her unique flavor of genuine excitement, community building, and whole hearted faith with this new record and innovative promo.

“Winning” promises to be a motivational anthem from Wande, who has been giving women permission to embrace fun, authentic femininity, and winning through the pursuit of a wholesome, holy lifestyle. The single’s early promo showcases her signature choreography, and undeniable talent, paired with explicit lyrics that invites fans to hop on the wave she’s building with each new release.


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