Monday, July 15, 2024
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Video: Benita Okojie – AYO

Fresh off releasing Ijesu Mhen – a most sonorous Edo number that samples her 1998 smash hit song, Osemudiamen, Benita Okojie has hit the studio again to belt The Remix of one of her favourite gospel songs that usher us all into 2024 with its mellow yet tuneful tempo titled AYO.

Ayo, which means Joy is sung in the singer’s mum’s native dialect, Yoruba and packs a punch in its lyrical content. Unlike many new year numbers that tow the path of fast tempo music and a focus on material possessions, Ayo draws the listener’s attention to the things that matter the most. Both in the new year and all year round, making it a timeless piece of music.

The song is a reminder of the important things in life that money cannot buy; joy, peace, happiness, testimonies and favour. Benita also delivers a soulful prayer for the listener in pidgin, declaring, “See, God e know you, e dey see your heart, e go bless you as you ask am to!”

Always flying the flag of her maternal and paternal tribes, Benita includes some Esan in Ayo as well, culminating in a marriage of melodies that the young, middle aged and old will sway joyfully to.

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