Friday, June 14, 2024
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Video: Benestelle – Our Victory

God’s clear method of raising, healing, and encouraging humanity is through music—an invisible fragrance that permeates the airwaves with all genres and sounds. All people, nations, and tribes come together to worship Jesus via music, which transcends all boundaries and has a remarkable, yet unanticipated, impact on people’s hearts and minds.
Benestelle’s stirring anthem, “Our Victory,” extols this potent fact. Jesus Christ continues to reign supreme over all nations and civilizations because his resurrection represents our greatest triumph and liberty. Love is His universal banner over us, His people, and he expresses that love in profound and vivid ways in this piece of praise.

Benestelle’s lyrics, which contain lines like “You were no criminal but dragged in the streets of me, paid with your blood,” provide a striking yet violent portrayal of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for humanity in order to secure eternal life. Following in the footsteps of songs like “For Me,” “Doing Us Good,” and “Clap Your Hands,” this new song highlights Jesus’ promise to use his own blood and life to save humanity.

“Our Victory,” Benestelle’s most recent studio album, is a gem in her musical career as she continues to encourage worship of the Lord among people worldwide. She co-owns and hosts the motivational programme Benestelle Inspires with her husband, Ben Nwaiwu, and is an ardent and unrepentant believer of Jesus Christ. Benestelle Inspiring broadcasts on DominionTV, Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network, which reaches millions of viewers in the continent; on Kingdom Insight TV (KITV), which primarily reaches viewers in North America and other countries; and on Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV), which reaches a broad audience throughout the Caribbean Islands.

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