Monday, April 15, 2024
Gospel Music

Music: Branan Murphy – Look At What Grace Can Do

Pop artist Branan Murphy releases a new ballad worship song “Look At What Grace Can Do” (Paravel / DREAM). The track was written by Dove Award winning Paul Duncan, Branan Murphy and co-written and produced by Dove Award winning producer of the year Jordan Sapp.

“Look At What Grace Can Do is a song that’s about my story. We always need God’s grace, it’s always working in us who know Jesus. But there was a recent time in my life, over a few years, when I was just really making a mess of things. There was sin in my life, I was selfish, making poor decisions, it was just a mess. In a lot of ways I’m still coming out of that season. But I can’t even tell you how powerfully God met me at my lowest point when I thought so many things were just over. I can’t tell you how loved I felt by him as he picked me up and rearranged all the pieces of my life. I feel new and I know it’s all because of his grace. Whatever mess I’ve made, whatever mess you’ve made, his grace is greater. It’s what Jesus loves to do. That’s the gospel. There’s really good news that Jesus redeems broken things and broken people, and there’s no limit to what his grace can do to turn things around. This song just came from me sitting at a piano and looking back…and weeping and worshiping. There’s no feeling like realizing the grace of God in your life and being amazed by it. It’s probably why we love that hymn so much.” – Branan Murphy


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