Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Video: Maddie Rey – Consumed

Evangelist, Preacher, Author, and Christian Recording Artist Maddie Rey is releasing her first Single and Music Video of 2023 – “Consumed” (Joy Records, 2023). This newly release single and music video is available for adds on radio and playlisting, along with being available for views on YouTube. Like her newly released book “Living a Life Consumed by God”, this new anthem is meant to equip and empower every believer that desires to be on fire and passionate for Jesus. Our lives become consumed by God when we begin living as a sacrifice and fully surrendering our lives to Him. God is raising up a people who will make the decision to lay down their lives and live full out for Him–to be consumed by the fire of God despite what culture or society may think or say. Like the song says–it’s not radical or crazy, we just live this way!

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